Chronic Warrior Society

Calling chronic warriors ages 18-24...

Pick up your Armor, Gather your Arrows, and Enter our not-so-Mythical, but Oh-So-Magical World of Chronic Warriors!

In this world, warriors gather in virtual "houses" to have fun, make friends, hang out, problem-solve, and dream.

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We Believe...

...that YOU deserve a community of Support and Encouragement...
We Believe there is more to life than a diagnosis (or two or three)...
We Believe that You deserve to Be Heard...
We Believe that You have a multitude of Gifts to share...
We BelieveYou Can Rise Beyond Diagnosis…

...We Believe in YOU!

You are Magic

What does The Chronic Warrior Society Membership Look Like?

*Choose a “House” to join! (Check the shields below.)
*Each house has a minimum of two scheduled virtual Hang-Outs each month!
*Each house has its own private, moderated  Instagram group where house members can get to know each other, chat, encourage, and cheer for each other any time!
*All Society members are invited to join and participate in a Private Facebook Group Page for their age group. Moderated chat groups via Messenger are very popular here!
*Houses and/or House Partners  are invited to several Themed Virtual Parties throughout the year as well as Pop-Up Parties!
*All houses are included in quarterly fun, interactive and educational conference calls or webinars.
*Join one of our special interest clubs! Choose from Reading, Crafting, or Beauty clubs to connect even more with like-minded warriors. More clubs coming soon!
*ALL parties, hang-outs, private groups and houses are moderated by trained facilitators to maintain safe, open and positive interaction.
*Plus, get online access each week to  chat or problem-solve with our Coaches and Facilitators.
And, of course, you’ll automatically become a part of the Chronic Warrior Collective where you’ll have the opportunity to participate in Monthly Card Swaps, Exclusive Training Programs, Volunteer Committees, and much more!

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Choose Your Warrior House

Be enchanted! Which one speaks to you?

For Warriors ages 18 - 24. Partnered with Fearless Fighters. Only two spots left!

For Warriors ages 18 - 24. Partnered with Dream Catchers. Only three spots left!

For Warriors ages 18-24. New House!
Taking applications now!

Coming Soon!
For Warriors up to age 17. Click here to stay updated!

Don't take our word for it...
See what Chronic Warriors have to say about the Society!


College Student from Tennessee, USA


Founder of Graphic Organic from Belgium

When I just got diagnosed I felt like I was the only one. One day I decided to google and see how other Belgian people my age handled things. I couldn’t find any support groups where I felt comfortable. I couldn’t relate to older people with the same health issues since they are in such a different stage in their lives. Other youth online FB groups online made me even feel more insecure and alone. I decided to create English social media accounts since the Spoonie community was apparently a big thing. One day I stumbled upon Chronic Connection/Chronic Warrior Society. I immediately fell in love with Denise’s uplifting approach. She made me realise I do have a future and that I am worthy. I learned so much from her and she keeps inspiring me every day to be as kind and positive as she is. I got amazing opportunities career wise and met such lovely people during Zoom sessions or card swaps. I even met two of my, now best friends in person and we continue to go on trips together. Thanks to the entire CWS team and members. You truly make my world a better place."


College Student in Maryland, USA

"CWS has connected me with others my age going through similar circumstances in a way that I’ve never seen anywhere else. Through working with CWS I have met truly incredible people, and some of those people have even become friends. Being a part of CWS not only gave me something to look forward to when I wasn’t able to do much, but it also gave me the opportunity for social interaction without having to leave the house or prepare!"

Are You Ready?

Beautiful, magical you...

The CWS Board

Nancy, Essex, England

On IG @nancymmc

Aly, Tennessee, USA

On IG @that.awkward.spoonie

Kirsten, Antwerp, Belgium

On IG @fibrofairy

Peyton, Maryland, USA

On IG @andpajamas

Beth, Cheltenham, England

On IG @bethxxx0409

Nadeche, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands

On IG @nadechehanique

Abby, Ohio, USA

On IG @chronical_angel

Fuschia, Wisconsin, USA

On IG @fuschia_rose

Allie, Florida, USA

On IG @allies_photography

Denise Archilla, MSW


Former Pediatric Clinical Social Worker, Fellow Warrior, & Mom of 2 Young Adult Warriors who wants to make the world a better place and add a little magic along the way!